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Collegetown Bagels, Inc., which also includes the Ithaca Bakery stores, operates five different locations and consists of six main departments. They are: Retail, Entrée and Salad Production, Bread and Bagel Production, Pastry, Catering, and Maintenance/Janitorial.

A number of different positions and responsibilities exist in the retail areas of our five locations. A love of food and commitment to excellent service is essential for these positions.

Entrée and Salad Production
The kitchen commissary located in our Triphammer Marketplace location produces all of the entrees and salads for our five retail stores, in addition to producing food for all catering and special orders. Positions vary from food prep to management/chef responsibilities.

Bread and Bagel Production
All of the breads and bagels produced for all the retail stores originate at the Ithaca Bakery location. Bread and bagel bakers work through the night to produce traditional high-quality bagels and an extensive artisanal bread line.

The pastry department produces all of our breakfast pastries, cakes and other sweet treats for all our stores. Positions in the department range from prep positions to skilled chef responsibilities.

Our catering department is well known for providing exceptional food and service, whether at a Cornell function for 300 people or a casual barbecue for 20 in the backyard. Catering service workers are an essential part of catering success.

Wholesale Packing and Driving
All of our wholesale accounts depend on this department to deliver correct orders in a fast, friendly way. Our packers and drivers work together to make sure that all of our breads, bagels and pastries arrive at their destinations on time, seven days a week, 362 days a year.

When our stores are closed, the team moves in to clean each location and maintain a fresh, safe environment for our customers and staff. During the workday, janitorial staff clean dishes and utensils, keep the storefronts tidy, clear away trash and recycling, and scour the production areas.

This department comprises our finance and human resources departments. The finance department handles the accounts receivable and payable functions for the business as well as cost management, financial forecasting and analysis.

Employee Benefits
•  Comprehensive health insurance
•  Dental insurance
•  401K Retirement Plan
•  Profit share
•  Paid benefit time
•  Paid holidays
•  Life insurance
•  Employee discount
•  Shift meals

Collegetown Bagels, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Online Job Application

We are always eager to receive your application even if no current Job Opportunities are posted. You may bring your application to any of our stores, fill it out online, mail, e-mail or fax it to us.