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Our artisan-bakers work through the night, using the finest ingredients, to produce honest, hearty, delicious bread, the best you can buy. Baked “on the hearth,” the bread rests directly on stone shelves in a steam-injected oven. This process creates a hard golden crust, a moist, dense interior, and matchless flavor.

Pair this bread with anything—one of our fine cheeses, your own home cooking, dinner with guests, an hors d'oeuvre spread—and you'll enjoy a meal to remember. Or just enjoy it on its own.

Please Note: Breads are limited and not all breads are available daily. Please call in advance to place bread on hold.

Last updated 2/21

Daily Breads: 





Cottage Bread

Cut French Bread

Italian Split

Rosemary Sal Focaccia

Rustic Potato

Sourdough Round

Southwest Sourdough

Pans Loaves:




    -Oatmeal Whole Wheat


Non-Daily Specialty Breads:

Challah (Fri)

Cheddar Chive Sourdough (Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun)

Cheddar Ciabatta (Fri, Sat)

Kalamata Sourdough (Mon, Th, Fri)

Three Seed (Tu, Th, Sat)

Tortano (Tu, Fri, Sat) 

Tortano Batard (Fri, Sat)


Available for Special Order:

Brioche Rolls

Boule Rolls


Mini French

Barca Rolls

Panino Rolls


Ancient Grain Batard

Made with organic flour.



Traditional French loaf, light & crusty.


Becks & Cheddar

Dark bread, Cheese and Beer, a winning combination.


Simple and open-textured with a delicate crust.



Can be made with poppy seeds or sesame seeds.


Cheddar Chive Sourdough

A meal in itself! Loaded with flavor, this bread captures everyone's heart.

Chocolate Cherry

A delectable sourdough rich with chocolate and tangy cherries.

Cheddar Ciabatta

A country bread with firm crust and open texture.



A country Italian bread with distinct crust and rustic, chewy texture.

Cinnamon Raisin

An old favorite - perfect for toast.

Cottage Bread

A rustic, crusty sourdough bread.



Golden Raisin Pecan

Sweet and nutty - perfect alone, or try with spreads or blue cheese.


Rosemary Salt Focaccia

Perfect compliment for any meal.


Focaccia Di Tuscany

Moist, wonderful, loaded flat bread.


Irish Soda Bread

Traditional Irish bread made with baking powder and caraway seeds

Italian Split

Classic loaf, original 1910 recipe.

Kalamata Sourdough

Rugged, moist, totally delicious.



Oatmeal Whole Wheat Loaf

Rough textured with a delicious nutty flavor high in fiber, rich in protein, healthy and hearty.


Raisin Pecan Batarde

Classic country sourdough enhanced with fruit & nuts.

Russian Raisin Walnut

Dense, dark and flavorful.


Rustic Potato

Made with organic flour.

Sourdough Loaf

The sandwich slicing version of our tasty sourdough recipe!

Sourdough Round

Classic loaf, rustic and versatile.

Southwest Sourdough

Our sourdough, enhanced with kernels of corn, jalapeño peppers & Cheddar cheese.


Three Seed

Made with whole grains--rustic and crunchy.



Rustic Italian Bread with Potato.



Please Note: Breads are limited and not all breads are available daily. Please call in advance to place bread on hold.