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Art at Triphammer

Audrey Brown: June 16 - September 1

Ithaca and its surrounding areas have been a part of me, ever since my family and I moved here when I was three years old. I was raised on a farm in Enfield with 22 acres of land and woods to explore with my brother and sister. Often I spent long hours sitting in my forest and contemplating its beauty and peacefulness. This when the seeming troubles of growing up as a teen and young adult were tedious. The winding paths and abundant greenness were calming, as I mentally took pictures – while wishing to capture them in my heart.

A couple of years ago, I made the spontaneous decision to delve into photography. I have not taken classes, and learn from experimenting as I go along, as well as the critique of professionals in the filed which I receive my Photography Help Clubs on Facebook. My adventure began with ordinary details in nature that I wanted to create into new appreciated vignettes. For instance, scraggly roots which had twisted and danced together creating a woven work of art along the ground. The long and graceful lines of dark branches stretching into a pale blue or misty horizon are also the contrasting textures that I love.

Thank you for joining me on my journey of discovery into photography.