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Christal Carrier: December 17 - January 31


In the Artist's Words:

My father was in the military before I was born. This fostered a great opportunity for me as an individual to be exposed to an array of countries and cultures as we traveled every two years since I was born. I have spent ten years in Germany collectively and grew very fond of the environment there. In North America, I grew up in many different states, from the rocky coast of Maine (where my family still resides) to the deserts in Death Valley. I could not have wished for a more enthralling start to my life. In recent years I have come to call Ithaca my home away from home and have received a warm welcome here.

Among the pieces I've painted there are a couple beautiful frames that are worth mentioning. One was made from weathered bass wood siding that came from an old barn in north Lansing. Another one of my favorite frames is made from black walnut from the salmon creek area of north Lansing. This one was sawed on an old left hand Ireland sawmill that was built between 1869-1900 in Norwich, NY and the sawmill was originally powered by steam. The fantastic piece of history has been since relocated to north Lansing!

My name is Christal Carrier. The paintings that are currently hanging are a collection of recent inspirations that I hope you will enjoy.